Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Durometer and Hardness testing:

The hardness of the materials that are non-metallic like rubber, foam and plastic can be measured suing the durometer. This is the international standard for the measure of the hardness of such materials. The hardness of a material can be defined as the resistance to surface indentation, and the durometer tests this quality of the materials. Any material can vary when it comes to the hardness and any type of hardness is used for one or the other industry. For instance, rubber that is very hard is required to make skate board wheels, while runner that is soft is needed for the mats.

While the harder materials have more amount of resistance, they can also withstand wear and tear. They are not much flexible, which might be the quality required for the manufacturing of various products. Various scales are a reason used in the durometer. In various scales the reading are different for the same material. Checking the reading with regards to the purpose of the material is vital. For instance, in A scale the 70 and in OO scale 95 is require for the shoe heel. The same should read as 22 in the D scale.

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